Inspirational Properties – Series 2 – Episode 2 – 2018

Episode 2 – Hemel Hempstead

In this episode we featured a number of impressive homes and gardens that featured moving walls and parts and terraced gardens. Including properties designed by architects Amin Taha, The Klassnik Corporation and our own resident architects, George and Ewald, properties which featured moving walls, doors, so that rooms can be connected and storage concealed.

Each of the gardens that we featured used terracing in some form or another to connect the house to the garden. One particular garden, designed by Karen Rogers, was inspired by a holiday in Rome. Karen had gone up the steps of many cathedrals and had seen children sitting on them; she thought this would be a great idea for her client who wanted her garden to include her children and grandchildren, as well as cater for her wheel chaired family member (you can manoeuvre off the steps from the side):

Another one of the gardens we featured, designed by AR Design Studio, featured a terrace with an integrated pond and pool:

As well as one designed by Rosemary Coldstream, a river garden, that featured planted terraces: